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Advent of technologies such as Social, Mobile, Cloud, Virtualization, Integration Platforms etc. have made our lives easier. Every easy solution brings its own set of challenges and risks. Privacy is sacrosanct. Govt and other organizations have been recommending and enforcing new methods and compliances almost every year. Today, in the connected world, CIOs and Security officers are constantly worried about the IT breaches. These breaches are quite costly to the organizations. Most of the executives have questions on their mind

  • What kind of breaches are happening?
  • Where is it happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • When is it happening?
  • How will it impact the organization?

If these seemingly simple questions are not proactively answered, IT security can become the worst nightmare for any Organization.

In most cases, Security is simply following what is agreed and documented. However, enforcement is quite difficult.

Guardian Technologies has been managing the IT systems for over a decade both on the cloud and on-premise. We have invested our collective knowledge and experience in developing a platform that answers the above questions.

About My Compliance Guard

My Compliance Guard is a platform built on state-of-the-art technologies, with intuitive algorithms.

Our platform enables you to

  • Track all logins to Linux and Windows Operating Systems.
  • Track all logins to Oracle and SQL databases.
  • Track all password resets.
  • Validate all OS and Database logins with appropriate ticket number using API's.
  • Track Login time, logout time, client IP, ticket number and description.
  • Run reports and identify validity of all logins.
  • Meet SOX compliance requirements.
  • Eliminate messy spreadsheets to track logins and ticket numbers.
  • Improve quality of compliance data.
  • Reduce stress and increase efficiency with audit compliance.

My Compliance Guard tracks every activity done on the server that could potentially have an impact or breach in your business. By tracking these actions, the risks in your organizations will be either mitigated or eliminated.

My Compliance Guard can integrate with any of your IDAM or other compliance applications that are either upstream or downstream. It is hosted on the cloud, so there isno infrastructure overhead.

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