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Cloud has been the flavour for a long a while. As part of every Organization’s digital journey, almost every CIO has this in their check list, if it is not executed already.

With initial apprehensions gone, today there is a clear-cut decision in the board rooms about migrating the in-house or packaged applications to cloud in some form or shape. Cloud brings its own advantages and some challenges to the organizations. The most challenging migration is SaaS migrations. It is almost a paradigm shift and suddenly organizations find technology driving processes and then eventually people, which until the advent of SaaS cloud, used to be the other way round.

While SaaS cloud adaptation may be bit challenging, Infra as a Service a.k.a. IaaS is probably the easiest one. Done with all the capacity planning, tying the budget numbers, calculating depreciation, maintenance of annual license agreements, contracts etc… IaaS clearly is the winner.

There are several IaaS providers in the market such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, etc…. Oracle Infrastructure Cloud is gaining lot of traction. With the Autonomous database almost like a self-driving car and their gen 2 cloud, has many new things to offer.

If you are running the classic Oracle E-Business Suite or Peoplesoft or JDEdwards or Siebel or even your bespoke applications and want to avoid costly upgrades of hardware and thinking about starting cloud journey with just lift and shift to Oracle Cloud, Guardian technology is your trusted partner for this journey.

We guide you through out the whole journey. We will make a quick assessment followed by our recommendation of what cloud components you would need, help assist you with negotiations with Oracle(Guardian is global gold partner with Oracle), drive the implementation and Manage as you need your applications on the Oracle cloud.

Interested in talking to us? Reach out and write to us to We are happy to assist you and help you during these tough times.