System Administration Services :

Any number of issues can cause a failure with your IT environment. Even worse, an operating system issue, especially one left unidentified, can turn into a major calamity, shutting down operations as you frantically attempt to troubleshoot and fix the problem. This not only takes away time from other tasks, but can put a strain on resources that otherwise would be taking steps forward for your business, not backward.

If you would like the highest level of protection and responsiveness in a cost-effective package, then you’ll find our Managed System Administration Services to be just what you were looking for. Our Managed System AdministrationService is a unique and flexible 24×7 remote IT system administration service that will ensure your server operating systems are continuously monitored and protected at all times. It will also save you money versus employing the staff and resources necessary to provide the same level of assurance on a daily or hourly basis.

Protection and Peak Performance of Your IT Environment

    Our Managed System Administration Service provides 24×7 monitoring and troubleshooting for Linux, Redhat, Ubuntu, Unix, Solaris, and Windows operating systems in organizations of all sizes. The components of Uninterrupted System Administration include:

    24×7 Operating System Monitoring

    Automated checks of the operating system to identify issues for GTG’s troubleshooting.GTG maintains and administers any GTG-supplied monitoring infrastructure as part of this process. GTG will monitor and track:

  • System Availability
  • File System Space
  • System Resources
  • Severe Operational Log Monitoring
  • 24×7 System Administration Troubleshooting

    The research and corrective actions taken by GTG that promptly returns the operations system to a normal operational state.GTG will :

  • Execute documented Standard Operating Procedures as necessary .
  • Provide 24×7 remote support and take corrective action for monitored operating system alerts and alarms .
  • Provide 24×7 remote support and take corrective action for critical system-level conditions in the operating system environment.
  • Root cause analysis for critical events .
  • Documented Routine Processes

    Each customer has unique Standard Operating Procedures and routine maintenance needs. If it can be clearly defined and documented, it can be successfully executed. Special alerts that are selected by the customer can be :

  • Routed to the customer
  • Routed to GTG