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Guardian believes in working with the customers according to their budgets and constraints. With the world going through massive disruptions, new Digital technologies and new business models keep coming up. People are biggest assets who can adapt to these disruptive changes. We understand that each business has a certain need and Guardian is happy to get into a conversation and address the customer’s staffing needs. We at Guardian work on several models and the prominent ones are;

Contract staffing

Model in which suitable resource is staffed by Guardian post customer selection in either Time & Material or in fixed fee modal. The resource is technically managed by the customer and required operational support is provided by Guardian at our cost

Cost+ model

Some organizations prefer a certain cost and fixed fee. Guardian works on a model that has a certain duration and will charge in cost+ model.

Build Operate and Transfer model

In this model, Guardian builds the cost centre/outsourcing centre according to the needs of the customer with full compliance and will transfer the resources at a later stage upon maturity back to the customer. Guardian will assume the full delivery responsibility in this model.

Running cost centre

If organization cost centre is not productive or has operational challenges, Guardian can work with the customer to assess the potential of owning the cost centre and provide the services with no or minimal disruption.

In addition, if there is any specific need that is different, Guardian is happy to work around the specific need.

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